Auto Assist Battery Post Cleaner

A unique formulation which fills microscopic irregularities on battery posts and forms a protective barrier against future corrosion, moisture and acid damage. Resists acids and alkalis. Moisture and oxidation resistance are excellent. cleans oil, grease and sludge from battery housing. Lubricates and protects cables. Prevents electrical current loss. Excellent dielectric properties. Requires no after neutralization and no sticky film remains.

Auto Assist Brake & Parts Cleaner

Quickly dissolves and removes oil, grease, brake fluid and oxides oils. Penetrates through dirt and corrosion. Eliminates need for disassembly. Dries fast without leaving residue. Non-corrosive to metals. Non-flamable.

Auto Assist Road Tar and Asphalt Remover

This non-toxic, non-hazardous, very effective tar and asphalt remover will disperse oil, grease, and dirt from automotive mags, bodies, fenders and doors.

Auto Assist Gasket Remover

Quickly removes even baked-on gaskets and all types of gasketing adhesives and sealant. Removes gaskets from any type of assembly in 10 to 12 minutes. Prepares metal parts for new gasket and assembly. Reduces scraping and sanding. Prevents damage to flanges.