An excellent solvent for cleaning, ELEC 500A can be used as a dielectric coolant over a temperature range of -30 to +119 degrees Fº ELEC 500A is an ultra pure, chemically inert solvent for use in critical cleaning operations in the electronics and aerospace industries as well as other industries employing modern complex technology.


Electra 600 displaces water from wetted out insulation, electrical and electronic components, dries out for immediate use without baking. Improves megohm measurements. Although non-conductive, it prevents loss of contact in electrical equipment and supports conductivity. will not harm insulation, most plastics, finishes, enamels, lacquers. It actually improves dielectric properties.

Liquid Penetrant 40

Liquid Penetrant 40 is a special blend of solvents formulated to provide the safest, least toxic cleaning and grease removing solvent for general use. It is formulated in strict accordance with U.S. military specifications MIL-S-18718. It is totally non-flammable and non combustible, has no flash point and no fire point. It gives off no hazardous fumes, 500 ppm M.A.C., no adverse effects through inhalation of skin contact when used as directed.


A solvent dispersed group of rust preventative compounds that set up into a dust resistant, flexible, continuous, amber colored, protective film for corrosion prevention under indoor and out door conditions.

Some specific use include machinery and metal parts especially those in storage both indoors and outdoors.

Liquid Ice Melt

A new generation, low-corrosion liquid deicer is here-Envirosafe Freeze Conditioning Agent & Liquid Ice Melt is potassium acetate based and contains NO-CHLORIDES, therefore it is safer for structural steel and reinforcing steel embedded in concrete.

Smoke Alarm Tester

This tester is a smokeless aerosol spray that provides a functional safe test for both residential and commercial smoke alarms. This tester is listed by underwriters laboratories for testing the operational function of photoelectric or ionization type detectors. This tester offers testing convenience and a way to ensure that your smoke alarm, including the sensing unit is in proper working condition. Consult the owners manual for recommended test intervals.