The industrial cleaner with multiple uses. NON-FLAMMABLE – ECONOMICAL, MULTI-PURPOSE SPRAY CLEANER AND DEGREASER that works on any washable surface to remove fast and efficiently dirt, scuff marks, smoke film, grease, oil, inks, old wax film and stubborn dirt too tough for ordinary cleaners. USE ON: Painted walls and woodwork, wall tiles, floors, counter tops, sinks, bath room fixtures, mirrors, stoves, ovens, refrigerators, all metals, vinyl, leather or plastic upholstery, machinery, tools and on other grease and soil collecting surfaces.


GENTLE SCRUB PLUS cream cleanser is a powerful deep cleaning cream that cleans and sanitizes all surfaces not harmed by water. It quickly and easily removes soil, stubborn stains, grease, soap scum, heel scuff marks from a variety of surfaces leaving them smooth and clean with a lustrous new look. Contains no harsh alkalies or acids. Possesses a very pleasant, fresh odour.

Floor Care

Biodegradable activated liquid stripper with Penezol. Effective stripping for most types of floors. Quickly penetrates and emulsifies floor finish to save time.


A Concentrated lemon scented hand dishwashing liquid, formulated to cut grease and dried on food from pots, pans and dishes. Rinse without spotting and is mild to the hands.