Sure Lock Belt Dressing

SURE LOCK is a specially formulated product stops belts from slipping, adds more power, eases strain on bearings and bushings, stops squealing, and extends belt life by improving traction and reduces belt tension. SURE LOCK Belt Dressing works particularly well on leather, rubber, canvas, and fabric belts. The results are quick and economical improvements over untreated belts. SURE LOCK is a next generation formulation. SURE LOCK is made without chlorinated solvents or ozone depleters.

Clear Lube

CLEAR LUBE – Food grade, high tech silicone spray is formulated specifically for the needs of the food industries. CLEAR LUBE meets USDA requirement for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. Meets 21 CFR 175.300 for Resinous and Polymerous coatings for use in producing, manufacturing, packing, processing preparing, treating,, packaging, transporting, or handling food.

Dry Moly

An excellent anti-fraction and anti-seize lubricant containing micron-sized molybdenum disulfide. Characteristics – a grayish-black, dry lubricant that will withstand pressures exceeding 100,000 psi. Suitable for temperature ranges from -110°F to 600°F. Particle size, average, microns 1 – Adhesion – good on all metals, most plastics, glass and rubber. Has a very low coefficient of friction.

Superlube SG-20A

SG-20A is a premium multi-purpose grease which has been synthetically stabilized with an iso-tex polymer. This unique formula has been laboratory and road tested to five optimum results over extended periods, under difficult operating conditions.

SG-20A’s exceptionally high film strength promotes maximum bearing adhesion and protection at peak loading. The unique-wear agents reduce bearing wear and the other additives contribute to the reduction of grease breakdown and oxidation under the static or dynamic operating conditions.